Heat Pumps breeding grounds for bacteria & mould

Bacteria, mold and germs

Bacteria & Mould

Mould needs 3 essential ingredients to grow & survive. These are:


Mould spores need moist or damp areas to grow and reproduce (example: heat pumps, Air conditioning evaporator coil)


Mould spores need food. Example being: dirt, dust, cotton, leather, wood, paper products etc (all of which are returned back to the evaporator coil in an air conditioning system when it’s operational). The most dangerous materials mould loves to grow on are porous materials.

Optimum Temperatures

Mould spores thrive in temperatures 0 and 49 degrees Celsius (example: Air conditioning evaporator coil).

Germs are a class of contaminants that includes bacteria, molds, mildew, viruses and other microorganisms. Some germs can trigger allergic reactions, while others can lead to illnesses. Mold and mildew can also stain walls, give rooms a musty odor and even cause structural damage to your home.

Bacteria & Mould
How can Environmental Air Solutions be used in an air conditioning application?

After the dirt/dust from the return air filter has been removed, simply apply a minimal amount

of Environmental Air Solution Liquid Spray to the filter material before reinstalling the filters.

Our liquid spray sanitises the filter material and ensures that any bacteria / fungi (mould)

that has been growing will be eradicated.

Our liquid spray can also be applied to the evaporator coil & evaporator fan wheel as well.

Similar to the filters, the amount of liquid spray applied only has to be minimal. This ensures that any

mould/bacteria that have been growing on these items will be eradicated.
Introducing Environmental Air Solutions Evaporative through an air conditioning system:

The main objective is to position the correct size container as close to the evaporator coil as

possible. Again, for the purpose of this exercise we will use the wall mounted split system and central ducted type air conditioning units as the examples.

In a heat pumps split system application, we simply place the opened container of our evaporative product on top of the indoor unit. As the product is evaporating, it is being captured by the air within the room returning to the evaporator coil.

heat pumps

In every case, the vapour from the product mixed with the room’s air is then drawn through the evaporator coil, then passes through the fan wheel. By positioning the containers of Environmental Air Solutions Evaporative, we are eradicating everything within the indoor a/c unit. The product is also being rapidly circulated throughout the room at a higher rate than normal. The end result is Clean, Fresh Air Naturally!!

We are often asked “What makes Environmental Air Solutions different to other products?” Our answer is “We challenged the status quo by making our products conveniently packaged, simple to use and user friendly. We make a great product that kills and stops the growth of Mould, Bacteria & Fungi and best of all it is 100% natural.”

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