Top 5 reasons to regularly service your air conditioner

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider regularly servicing your air conditioner. 1. Hygiene. You might be surprised to find that your air conditioner can be a cosy home forrodents and roaches. Your air conditioning service will clear out pests and ensure your airconditioner is clean.2. Health. A healthy air conditioner puts […]

Regular Filter Cleaning Results in Power Saving when Running Heat Pumps

Did you know that bacteria, mold, dirt and other contaminants breed inside of your air conditioner? They are then spread throughout the air you breathe in and can result in the illnesses. Not only that but not cleaning your filters will have the heat pump running longer to achieve the right temperature and thereby costing […]

Installation of a New Ducted System.

To keep the environment clean we got to de-gas old ozone unfriendly refrigerant gas R22 from old ducted units. This gas is bad for the ozone so it has to be pumped out of an old ducted system and disposed of correctly. Always with a new installation penetration off refrigeration pipes down through the roof […]

Air Conditioning Burning Smells

Burning smells are one other reminder to change or clean your HVAC air filters. If you have a soiled and clogged air filter, airflow is severely restrained, which places numerous additional stress to your motors and fanatics. One approach to preclude burning smells coming from your HVAC procedure is by remembering the predominant home renovation […]

Heat Pumps breeding grounds for bacteria & mould

Bacteria, mold and germs

Bacteria & Mould Mould needs 3 essential ingredients to grow & survive. These are: Moisture Mould spores need moist or damp areas to grow and reproduce (example: heat pumps, Air conditioning evaporator coil) Food Mould spores need food. Example being: dirt, dust, cotton, leather, wood, paper products etc (all of which are returned back to […]



Legionnaire’s  Environments Legionella thrives in environments where water is still and not flowing. In the building world, this means it can be found in central air conditioning systems, whirlpools water-heating systems, humidifiers, showers, hot tubs—and cooling towers. Legionnaire’s Occurs in While Legionella bacteria commonly occurs in cooling towers, it’s usually at such low levels that “it’s […]

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