Get Rid of MOULD Once and For All

Get Rid of mould

Living in our climate here in Auckland, New Zealand we are bound to encounter mould.

No one likes mould it’s smelly slimy and creates allergies, and some of Us is allergic to it. Having mould at your home where you live or mould at work in the office is not good. Humidity in Auckland starts increasing and mid-summer it’s at its worst.

Mould thrives in damp, warm, dark, and poorly ventilated places. We especially notice the mould increases in cold server-computer rooms where it’s always dark cold and no fresh air.

To get of rid of mould it’s important to understand why it’s happening. When mould appears, in heat pumps, ventilation ducts and evaporator coils it quickly matures and sends spores floating throughout the house or workplace. For people who are sensitive, exposure to even a tiny amount can cause headaches, irritation of the eyes and nose, sneezing and wheezing, skin rashes, and even nausea.

Steps to get rid of mould.

  • Mould will not grow in dry areas.
  • Increase air circulation to get rid of excess humidity. Heat pumps can help with this.
  • Nontoxic cleaner like Environmental Air Solutions is a 100% natural, self evaporating product.
  • Increase the fresh air intake to the Living working space area.

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