Top 5 reasons to regularly service your air conditioner

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should consider regularly servicing your air conditioner.

1. Hygiene. You might be surprised to find that your air conditioner can be a cosy home for
rodents and roaches. Your air conditioning service will clear out pests and ensure your air
conditioner is clean.
2. Health. A healthy air conditioner puts healthy air into your environment. During an air
conditioning service, your vents will be cleared and mould removed, so spores aren’t blowing
into the air you breathe.
3. Reduce your electricity bills. During your regular service, the electrician will ensure your
air conditioner is running efficiently, servicing or replacing old parts that aren’t performing
4. Make sure it’s working when you need it. There’s nothing worse than turning on the air
conditioning on a boiling hot summer’s day, only to find it’s not working! A regular service
will ensure your air conditioning won’t break down when you need it most. It also means you
can book the service before the busy Summer season, so you’re not kept waiting.
5. Extend the life of your air conditioner. Servicing your air conditioner regular can extend its
life – replacing each component as it’s required, reducing stress on all the other components.
It means you don’t have to fork out for a whole new conditioner for a few years yet.
There are many benefits to regularly servicing your air conditioning. We always recommend
it when moving into a new home as you don’t know it’s previous service history. It should be
done at least once a year to ensure peak performance, so you can enjoy cool summers and
warm winters for years to come.
This article was written in conjunction with removalist and storage provider Hire A Mover.

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